Richland Bombers
Future class of '56
Marcus Whitman Elementary School
Second Grade ~ Mrs. White

Click the picture to see LARGER faces.
Click to see LARGER faces
Picture provided by Gary Whiting ('55)

Future class of '56

BEHIND THE BACK ROW: Teacher: Mrs. White

BACK ROW: 1.BonnieThaves, 2._______, 3.LonnieTigar, 4._______, 5.ElenorRockwell, 6.DavidWatts, 7.SandraReninger.

MIDDLE ROW: 1.RobertOlsen, 2.JuneStordahl, 3.Richard_____, 4._______, 5._______, 6.KenO'Conner, 7._______, 8.RoseannNicolson, 9._______, 10.MarleneTappen

FRONT ROW: 1.RitaSheely, 2.SharonWilson, 3.RonnieMcClellan, 4.LennardineWorrell, 5.BeverlyLovinger, 6.SylviaPlumb, 7.FrankieTaylor, 8.BenitaWahl, 9._______, 10.MaxineTucker, 11.Marion_____, 12._______.

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