Richland Bombers
Future class of '56
John Ball Elementary School
Seventh Grade ~ Mr. Harding

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Mr. Harding's 7th Grade Class at John Ball
Mr. Harding's 7th Grade class - 1950-1951
Picture provided by Ken Heminger

Future class of '56

BACK ROW: 1.MarleneRoseLarsen, 2.LornaRaeMerrill, 3.DeniseLaMott, 4._______, 5.PaulHelbling, 6._______, 7._______, 8._______.

MIDDLE ROW: 1._______, 2._______, 3.GaleAllen, 4.CarolBrown, 5.CharmaleeBunch, 6.AnnTampien, 7.NinaDouglas, 8.JoanCooper, 9.WanitaWundrow.

FRONT ROW: 1.JerryPederson, 2._______, 3._______, 4._______, 5.KenHeminger, 6.TeddyWoods, 7.MarlenHurbert, 8._______, 9._______, 10.DerekLongstaff.

Names from a 6th grade picture (Mrs. Hensley's class):
Douglas Drake, Jimmy Conklin and Raymond Conklin (they may have been twins), Anthony Arbs, Carol Brown, Kenneth Hemiger, Denise LaMott, Janice Joseph, Darlene Ayers, Bobby Joe Nicoson (sp?), Marlen Hurbert, Sandy Hoardere (sp?), Jerry Montgomery, Ronald Speers, Charles, Dolf, Billy Kobs, Mary Kay Beers, Gale Allen, Barbara Ann Miller and Leah Lemun (sp?).
Maybe these names will help you fill in the blanks on this picture.

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