Carnation Milk Trucks
Carnation Milk Trucks in the late 1940s
Picture submitted by David Rivers ('65)

Left to Right: 1._______, 2._______, 3._______, 4._______, 5._______,
6.*Dewey Harvey ('46), 7.*Will Ourren ? ('47), 8.*Pinhead Massey ? ('47), 9.*Don Olson, 10.*Danny Hughes ('48),
11.*Bob Grantham, 12.*Ed Wood (?) ('47), 13._______, 14. Roy Craig,
15. Wilma West Rivers (mother of David ('65) and Michael West ('68WB).
16.*Bev Barker ('49), 17.*Jim Smith (Manager).

*Identified by Dick McCoy ('45)

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Carnation Milk Trucks