Richland Bombers
Future Class of '56
Chief Joseph Junior High School
Eighth Grade ~ Mr. Webber

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Mr. Webber's 8th Grade class - 1951-1952
Picture provided by Ken Heminger

Future class of '56

FAR LEFT ROW (front to back): 1.NinaDouglass, 2.SpencerHinson, 3.LoisWeyerts, 4.CarolKibler.

NEXT TO FAR LEFT ROW (front to back): 1.Empty Desk, 2.JimHogland, 3.MarvinEichorn, 4.SylviaLowem 5.NoraTaylor.

MIDDLE ROW (front to back): 1.DonaldBoggs, 2.MarleneRoseLarsen, 3.CarolWilliams, 4.AlvinMaruca, 5.SandyHowerter, 6.GroverShegrud.

NEXT TO FAR RIGHT ROW (front to back): 1.MaryJones, 2.GraceAtkinson(?), 3.DeloresRyan, 4.JeanneFrederick, 5.ArleneWallace, 6.KenHeminger.

FAR RIGHT ROW (front to back): 1._______, 2._______, 3. TommyHendricks, 4.BobbyNicholson, 5.RonaldNielson.

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