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This site is dedicated all our deceased classmates.
May they rest in peace.
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Betty AARDAL Wickersham, Pat ACKLEY Morrow (honorary)(deceased) 1935-2015, Jim ADAMS ~Email, Virginia AHRENS Prest, Carol ALLEN Cronk (MISSING), David ALLEN (MISSING), Marian ALLEN Wallace, Donna ALLRED Beecroft, George ANDERSON, Muriel ANDERSON Thompson ~Email, Carolyn ANDREWS (deceased), Gary ARLEDGE (Honorary), VirginiaMae ARLEDGE Garman, MaryAnn ARLT Kenitzer (MISSING), Russell Lee ARMSTRONG ~Email

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Darleene BAALMAN Brown ~Email, Roberta BABCOCK Myers (deceased) 1935-2014, Patricia "Patty" BADGER Keller ~Email, Wyoma BAKER Vale ~Email, Gene BARFUSS ~Email, Clifton Mervin BARTLETT (deceased), Barbara BARTON Howe, David Llewellyn BAXTER (deceased), Katherine "Bunny" BEASLEY (MISSING), Cecil BELL (deceased) 1935-2009, Stella BELLANDE Browning (deceased) 1935-2016, Rod BIGGERSTAFF (deceased) 1934-2014, Joan BIHNER Knutson, Barbara BLOOMSTRAND O'Neil (deceased) 1935-2016, Mary BOISONEAU Hughes, Ross BOLLEN ~Email, JackLee BOND ~Email, Gary Charles BOWER ~Email, Sondra Mae BOWERS (MISSING), Kenneth BRANDT (deceased), Bertha BRENTON, Tom BRESINA ~Email, Barbara BROWN Taylor ~Email, Earl BRUGGEMAN ~Email, Jim BURRESS, Betty BYRD Arey, Gale BYROM (Honorary), Lyle BYSE (deceased) 1935-2008

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Noel Gene CAMPBELL (deceased) 1935-2002, Lawrence CARLSON (Honorary), Richard CARTWRIGHT, Ron CHAFIN (deceased) 1935-1999, Bill CHAPMAN ~Email, Jerry CHESHIER (MISSING), Ken CHUBB, Shanna CLEMENT Czirr, Ted CLUCK (deceased) 1934-2017, Elinor COOKE Perlich ~Email, Jimmy CRABTREE (Honorary), Marcella CROWFEATHER (MISSING), Barbara CULVERHOUSE Snider, Lee CUMPSTON (deceased)

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Clem DAVIDSON ~Email, Charles DAVIDSON (Honorary), Jerry DEAN (deceased) 1934-2011, Diane DELSING Weinburg, Don DERBY (Honorary) (MISSING), Curt DONAHUE ~Email, Jim DONNELL (deceased) 1935-2002, Ronald DOWDA (deceased), Dorothy DOWIS Wiley, Jerry DUDLEY (deceased) 1933-2007, James DUPUIS

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Jim EAGEN ~Email, Carolyn EATON Hudson ~Email, Andrew ECKERT, Jr. ~Email, Doris EDWARDS ~Email, Sonya EDWARDS Graham, Raymond EHL (MISSING), Blaine ELLER (deceased), Judith Elaine ELLIOTT Rice ~Email, Marvin ENSIGN (deceased), Wally ERICKSON ~Email, Charles EVERETT

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Phyllis Marie FAIRWEATHER Bright, Gay Echo FARNWORTH Rear (MISSING), Shirley FEWINS Milburne, Barb FLEMING (Honorary), Galen FREED, MaryJo FRUCHTL McLean, Shirley Lee FRYE Collier ~Email, Mickey Aletha FULLER Rivers (MISSING)

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Barbara GAEBEL Zepeda, Robert GANDY, Jr. (deceased), Charlie GANT (deceased) 1935-2014, Hal Gibson ~Email, Ray GILMOUR (deceased), Shirley GINTHER Waddell ~Email, James GLADFELDER (deceased) 1935-2008, Eileen GLENDINNING Standlee ~Email, Joan GOODWIN (Honorary), Norman GORDON (deceased) 1935-2001, Gene GOSTNELL, Shirley GRAHAM Sturdivant, Jean GREITER White, JoanFae GREITER Canfield (deceased) 1934-2012, Walter GRIFFIN (deceased), Donald Gruver, Joan GUETZKOW (deceased) 1935-2006

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Suzanne HALL Kahle, Mary HALLORAN Colgrove (deceased) 1935-2001, Elaine HAMBLEY Glenn, Helen HAMMACK Whitney, Kent HAMRICK (deceased) 1935-2017, Muriel HANKEL Bevacqua, Jessie HARBOUR (MISSING), Libbie HARKINS McCartney (deceased), Ralph HARTLEY (MISSING), Ervin HAWS, Jane Marie HEDENSTROM Mondt (MISSING), Gail HENDERSON Renner (deceased) 1935-2006, Sandra HIGHT (MISSING), Paul HOLMES (deceased), Jack HOOPER ~Email, Dee HOOVER Stoner (deceased) 1935-2013, Allen HORN (MISSING), Carol HORSTMAN Massey ~Email, Ronald Dean HOSTETLER ~Email, George HOWSER (deceased), Joyce Ann HUFF Eckenberg-Crace ~Email, Ron HUFFMAN ~Email, Jeannine HUGHES Shaffer (Honorary) ~Email, Russ HUGHES ~Email, Shirley HUMMEL Mouser ~Email, Raymond HUNT (MISSING), Rex HUNT (Honorary) ~Email, Leslie HURST Hurst (deceased), Dick HUSTED (deceased) 1933-2004

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David ISOM (deceased)

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Dale JACOBSON (Honorary) (deceased), Farrell JANSSEN ~Email, Don JARVEY (Honorary), Nancy JENKINS Hawke (MISSING), Kathy JENSEN Collins ~Email, Diane JOHNSON (Honorary), Robert Emil JOHNSON ~Email, Daryl JONSON ~Email, Russ JUDD (deceased) 1934-2007, Carroll JULIAN (deceased) 1935-2014,

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Paul KALINOWSKI (deceased), Barbara KELLER Patterson, Betty KELLEY Tuggle ~Email, John KENNEDY (deceased), Janice KERSTETTER Bullek ~Email, David KESSLER (MISSING), Mayme Roberta KIBLER (MISSING), Roger KIMBALL, M.D., Betty KING Foster-Moody ~Email, Donald KING ~Email, Johnnie KOHL ~Email, Jack KREMA (deceased) 1935-2008

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Shirley LAMBRITH (Honorary), Robert LANDON (deceased), Earl LAWRENCE (deceased), FoyAnn LEACH Vogler ~Email ~ FoyAnn's Oral History, Don LEAVITT, Florence LEWIS Dalzell (deceased) 1935-2011, Bettina LIBBY Sanberg, Everette LIDDELL (deceased) 1925-2004, Terry LIGGETT (deceased) 1935-2013, Rodney LINKOUS ~Email, Norma LOESCHER Boswell ~Email, LoisAnn LOFTUS Hanses ~Email, Vonna LOMAN Eller (honorary) (deceased) 1935-2006, Robert LOVETT (Honorary), Danny LYONS (MISSING)

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Arlene MARTIN Klingler (deceased) 1935-2012, Martha Janet MARTIN Erichsen ~Email, Shirley MARTIN, Darlene MATTISON Thomson (deceased) 1935-2001, Herbert Edward MAUST, Ron MAYBERRY ~Email, Jane McCLURE Borg-Chilson, Bev McCORMICK (MISSING), John McCORMICK (Honorary), LaRae McCULLOUGH Croft, Hattie McCULLOUGH Augg, Dorothy McDONALD McDonald ~Email, Stan McDONALD ~Email, Steve McELHANEY ~Email, Joe Mike McHUGH (MISSING), Margie McINTOSH Mouser, Baretann McINTYRE Gibson ~Email, Helen McKAY Workley ~Email, Jim McKEOWN ~Email, Tom McKEOWN (deceased) 1934-2013, Donna McKINNON White, Virgil McVICKER ~Email, Kathryn MEUWLY ~Email, Judy MEYER Donovan ~Email, Ronald MIKULECKY ~Email, Jeanene MILLARD Dodge ~Email, Lowell MILLER, Morgan MILLER ~Email, Wanda MILLIGAN Bowie (MISSING), Gale Richard MONK, Gwen MOORE Bray (deceased) 1935-2016, Sam MOORE ~Email, Bobby Jean MOORMAN McElhaney ~Email, Don MORRIS (deceased), Harold MORRIS (deceased) 1934-2014, Nancy MORRIS Taylor (deceased) 1935-1999, Betty MOSTELLER Blackburn (deceased) 1935-2012, Herbert MOUST, Gail MULLER Mollerus (deceased), Pat ULLIGAN Cassidy ~Email, Janet MURPHY Justin (deceased)

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Leatha NEILL (Honorary), Arlen NELSON (MISSING), Shirley NEW Hagan (deceased) 1935-2007, Lovina NEPTUNE Newman, Billy NICHOLLS ~Email, Vonda NICHOLSON (deceased), Jim Allen NIMMO, Roger Vincent NOPP, Stuart Northrup (Honorary)

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Leah OATES Stockton ~Email, Frank William OGDEN, M.D. (MISSING), Kenny OWENS (deceased) 1935-2011

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Al PARKER ~Email, Gerry PARKINSON (Honorary), Dolores PASEKA Hammack (deceased), Margaret PAYTON Boisoneau, Marilyn PEDDICORD Whitley ~Email, Kay PERSONETT Lawrence (deceased), Dick PHILLIPS (deceased) 1935-2005, Lynn PLAGGEMEIER, Ronald POLLOCK ~Email, Joe POLSON, Gary PORTER, Jean PRATHER McConnell, Ruth PRICE Kirk (deceased) 1935-2011, John C. PRUDEN (MISSING), Jesse PRUDICH Ventaloro (honorary)(deceased) 1935-2011

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Q - R
Jim RAEDER (deceased), Bill RANDOLPH (Honorary), Gerald RANDOLPH, M.D. (MISSING), Lucille REED Forby (deceased), Donna REHM Parsons (MISSING), Jerry REIS (deceased) 1935-2009, Patty Joan RENARD Gallegos (MISSING), Florence REYNOLDS Bewlay, Dorothy RICHARDS Woodall, Marilyn RICHEY (deceased) 1934-2004, Barbara RICHTER Wilson (MISSING), John L. Riley (Honorary), Patsy Ruth ROOP Eakins (MISSING), Elizabeth Ann ROSE Andrews-Cook (MISSING)

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Patsy SADLER Grable (Honorary) (MISSING), Wendell SAGERSER ~Email, Murl SARPOLA (MISSING), Charles LeRoy SCAMAHORN ~Email, Diane SCHILLE Lutes (deceased) 1935-2009, Donna SCHOENROCK McGrath, Mary Elizabeth SCUDDER Peacock (MISSING), Sidney SEAMAN Sumsion (Honorary) (deceased) 1935-2003, Ken SHERIDAN, NormaJean SHORT Roddy (deceased), Jack SINDERSON ~Email, Beth SMITH Duncan (deceased) 1934-1988, Luther Hagen SMITH, Marilla SMITH Eller-Petersen (deceased) 1934-2013, Piet SMITH, Don SNYDER ~Email, Betty SOAPES (Honorary), Don SOULE (Honorary), Lavon Lura SOULE (deceased), Margie SPADY Denny (Honorary), James B. SPEARS, Pete STANG (deceased), Richard Milton STEELE~ ~Email, Douglas Martin STELLMAN (MISSING), Roberta STEPHENS (Honorary), Patricia Louise STOLLER Snyder ~Email, Don STONER (deceased) 1935-2011, Geri STORDAHL Shannon, Suzanne STRUCK York, Martha Ann SUCKOW Nipper, Onetta SURSAW (Honorary), Prim SWITZER Hamilton ~Email

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David TAYLOR( MISSING), Gloria TAYLOR Ouren (deceased), Carroll TEAGUE (Honorary), Caleb TELFER (Honorary), Suvia THAYER (Honorary), Robert E. THOMAS (MISSING), Heber THOMPSON (deceased) 1935-2011, Delores TRUJILLO Garcia (deceased) 1934-2011, Margaret May TUCKER Major, Dore Tyler (deceased) 1936-2013,

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Constance Lee UDINE Sikora ~Email

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Patricia Ann VANDERBURG Wright, Bud VanDUSEN (Honorary), Donnie VAUGHAN (Honorary), Edlyn Rae VOGEL Hynes ~Email

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June Elaine WAGNER Clausing-Shea, Marilyn WATKINS McQueen, Bonnie WATSON (Honorary), Viva WEBSTER Metz ~Email, Ray WEYERTS (deceased), Dr. Pritchard H. "Pete" WHITE, Shirley WILKINSON (MISSING), Barbara WILLIAMS Armstrong (deceased), Midge WILLIAMS Haining, Valene WILLIAMS Evans, Jim WILLIAMSON (deceased) 1934-2016, Donald V. WILLIS, Gary Kent WILSON ~Email, Glenda WINSTON Shaeffer ~Email, Bill WITHERUP (deceased) 1935-2009, Wanda WITTEBORT Shukay ~Email, Ray WOODALL, Gene Paul WOOLEY, Harold WORUM (MISSING), Janet WRIGHT Nicholson (deceased) 1935-2000

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X - Y
Phillip YOUNT (deceased)

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Rita Ann ZANGAR Mazur ~Email, Richard ZUELOW

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