Richland Bombers
CLASS of 1952
Sacy 1945 - Lewis and Clark 1947 - Jefferson 1943 - Marcus Whitman 1948

This site is dedicated all our deceased classmates.
May they rest in peace.

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6/8/04 ~ Girls of '52 Lunch at Granny's Buffet

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Alphabetical order by last name at graduation.
Send e-mail by clicking a blue/underlined E-mail .
Deceased classmate names are in black.
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Jeanne ACKLEY Kruse ~ Email Jeanne, Roberta ADKINS Shipman ~ Email Bert, Grover ALEXANDER (deceased) 1934-2002, Tom ALLEN (deceased) 1934-2010, Wayne ALLEN, Joan ARBUCKLE ~ Email Joan

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Joan BAKER Stratton, Barbara BALLARD Pravato (deceased) 1934-2012, Helen BARTLETT Mowery ~ Email Helen, MaryAnn BAUDENTISTEL Saunders ~ Email MaryAnn, Deon BELCHER Williams, Betty BENEFIEL (MISSING), Lurene BERNHART Reed (deceased) 1935-2016, Bev BIEHN Davis ~ Email Bev, Lou Ann BINNS Duvall (deceased) 1934-2013, Jim BLAKE (deceased) 1934-2013, Mark BODOVINITZ, Joahn BonDURANT Johannesen ~ Email Jo, Beverly BOUGH (deceased), Jerry BOYD ~ Email Jerry, Glenn BRANSON (deceased), Oliver "Bud" BREARD ~ Email Bud, Don BRIDGES (deceased), Beverly BRIGLIN, Reed BRINKERHOFF (deceased) 1934-2007, Beverly BROWN Herzog (deceased) 1934-2012, NancyBrowningAllen, Del BRUGGEMAN ~ Email Del, George BRUNSTAD ~ Email George, Wayne BRYSON ~ Email Wayne, Herb BULLARD, ZonaBeth BUMGARNER (deceased), Bob BURKETT, Tom BURNSIDE (deceased)

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Barbara CALDWELL Wallace ~ Email Barbara, Rush CAMPBELL ~ Email Rush, Charlotte CARLSON Terry (deceased) 1934-2017, Gerand CARRIERE (MISSING), Jeanne CARTER (MISSING), Norma CARVER Roberts, Marjorie CASEBIER McCoy (deceased), Mozie CHAPMAN Starinieri ~ Email Mozelle, Jim CLANCY ~ Email Jim, Harold CLARK (deceased) 1934-2011, Nancy CLARK (deceased) 1933-2005, Beverly COATES Karns ~ Email Bev, Dick COATES (deceased) 1933-2014, Patti COLE Pierce ~ Email Patti, Dale COLLINS (deceased) 1934-2001, Betty CONNER Sansom ~ Email Betty, Gerry CRAVENS ~ Email Gerry, "Bob"/"Burf" CRUM ~ Email Bob

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Jim DARDEN (MISSING), Jimmy DAVIS (deceased) 1934-2016, Tom DAVIS ~ Email Tom, Frank DAWES (deceased) 1933-2005, Jack DAWSON ~ Email Jack, Marilyn DeVINE ~ Email "Em", Terry DeVINE ~ Email Terry, Donald DEWEY ~ Email Don, Mable DICKSON Pangle ~ Email Mable, Frances DOREMUS Jackson, Mary DRAKE Chafin-Spohn (deceased) 1934-2004, James DUBENDORF (honorary) (deceased), Betty DUNCAN Johnston (deceased) 1934-2011, Bill DUNWOODY (deceased) 1934-2003

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Kirby Lane EDWARDS (honorary) (deceased) 1934-2006, Maryon EDWARDS Hoffman, Dick EPLER ~ Email Dick

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Beulah Lee "Boots" FAIN McCulley (deceased) 1934-2015, Joyce FERNEY Tisdale (deceased) 1934-2007, June FRANCIS Haney ~ Email June, Shirley Frew, Carolyn FULTZ Schock (deceased) 1933-2008

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Betty GAMMILL (MISSING), Thomas GARNER, Harold GEORGE (deceased) 1934-1999, Jean GIRE (deceased) 1934-2012, Jerry GLINES (deceased) 1934-2014, Jack GODWIN (deceased) 1934-2014, Darrell GOLDSMITH ~ Email Darrell, Barbara GORE Williams ~ Email Barbara, Patricia GREENFIELD Sullivan (deceased) 1934-2010, Bob GREENO ~ Email Bob, Perry GRUVER ~ Email Perry

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Doris HACKNEY Barott ~ Email Doris, Richard HALL (deceased), Don HALSTEAD, Harlen HANKLE, Bob HARDING (deceased) 1934-2014, Carl HARDIGG (honorary) ~ Email Carl, Ron HARDY (MISSING), Dale HARRISON ~ Email Dale, Ellen L. HARRISON (deceased) 1934-2002, Esther HAWTHORN (MISSING), Betty HENDRICK Dew, Ralph HERMAN (MISSING), Hugh HINSON (deceased), Lynn HINSON Epler ~ Email Lynn, Jack HOLDEN, Monte HORMEL, Ray HUBBARD (deceased) 1935-2009, Jon HUDSPETH (deceased) 1934-2011, Anita HUGHES Hogan ~ Email Anita, Barbara HUGHES Herzog ~ Email Barbara, William HUGHES, O'Frieda HUNTER Chastagner, Blanche HUSBAND Berry (deceased) 1934-2012,

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Luana IVERS Portch ~ Email Luana,

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Don JENNE ~ Email Don, Mona JETTON Davis, Alfred JOHNSON (deceased) 1931-2003, Duane JOHNSON, James JOHNSON, Kaylid JORDAN (deceased) 1934-2015, Joyce JUNEAU Hall (honorary) (deceased)

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Ginger KEIM Smith (MISSING), Joan KENDALL Gard, Lyle KENDALL, Dorothy KEYS Harding ~ Email, Alice KLEIN Williams (honorary), Paul KRAUS

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Christianna "Christy" LAMBERT Minton, Gillian LANGLEY Jacobsen, Bill LARGE ~ Email Bill ~ Bill's Band in 1950, Art LASSILA, Gene LATENDRESSE (deceased) 1934-2005, Carol LATTA Miller (deceased) 1934-2004, Jack LESTER (deceased) 1934-2014, Richard LEWIS, Albert LIBKE, Richard Norton "Dick" LOHDEFINCK (deceased) 1933-2017, Anneta Roslyn LOLLAR Anderson (deceased) 1935-2000, Nancy LONG (deceased), Jerry LUKINS ~ Email Jerry, Jerry LUTES (deceased) 1934-2001, Donald LYALL ~ Email Don

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Joan MAGNUSON Jackson, Paul MANDELL, Joanna MANNING Gunn ~ Email Joanna, Joan MARTIN Felts, Richard MARTIN (MISSING), Joy MASON Howard ~ Email Joy, Jim MAUZY (deceased) 1934-2014, Andra McCRINDLE Klein, Charles McDONALD, Lynn McDOUGAL (MISSING), Myra McMILLAN Slemmons ~ Email Myra, Mary McMILLIN Hoerner, Dick McQUEEN, Margie MEEHAN (MISSING), Dee MEICENHEIMER Prichard (honorary) (deceased) 1934-2001, Barbara MEYERS Grantham (deceased) 1934-2009, Gloria MIDDLEBROUGH Uhl, Bob MILLER (deceased) 1934-1998, Jim MILLER ~ Email Jim, Bonnie MILLS (MISSING), Mary Kay MITCHELL Coates ~ Email Kay, Jerry MOLNAA (deceased) 1934-2010, Robert MONROE (deceased), Floyd MONTGOMERY ~ Email Floyd, Nancy MOOERS (deceased) 1934-2008, Larry MOORE (deceased), Hazel MORGAN Latal ~ Email Hazel, Mary MORGAN Lutz (deceased) 1935-2015, Dealva MORRIS (MISSING), Dean MORRIS (MISSING), Sally Ann MORRIS Potter (deceased) 1934-2015, Jim MORRISON ~ Email Jim, Jack MORROW, Don MORTON, Beverly MUNSON Shobbrook ~ Email Bev, Keith Myers, Lafe MYERS ~ Email Lafe

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Bob NACKE (deceased) 1932-2016, James NACKE (deceased) 1934-2005, Margaret NELLIGAN Mason, Ken NEW (honorary) ~ Email Ken, Nancy NEWMAN Swedelius (deceased) 1934-2011, Marilyn NIELSON Ragsdale ~ Email Marilyn, Joanie NISSEN Starr (honorary) ~ Email Joanie, Lola Mae NUNN (deceased)

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Mick O'BRYAN (deceased) 1934-2015, Rosalie O'NEIL Moore (deceased) 1934-2001, Rod OUREN, Marilyn OVERSTREET Garrett (deceased) 1934-2007

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Patricia PARKINSON (MISSING), Leola PATTERSON Lewis, Kenneth PAYNE, Margaret PENDERGAST Mumford ~ Email Margaret, Irma PERRY Clayton (deceased) 1934-2004, Valette PETERSON (deceased), Jack PHIPPS (deceased), Richard PIERARD ~ Email Dick, Orrin PILKEY ~ Email Orrin, Shirley PITTMAN Molnaa ~ Email Shirley, Judy PORTER Wear ~ Email Judy, Betty POWELL Brickajlik, Lorraine POWELL Earp-Tanner ~ Email Rainy, Carolyn PRITCHARD Vorvick (deceased) 1934-3/19/00

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Gayla RAFFETY Baird ~ Email Gayla, Jim RAGSDALE (deceased), David RHODES (honorary) ~ Email Dave, Paula RICHARDS Smith (deceased) 1934-2009, Mack RICHARDSON (deceased) 1934-2009, Nancy ROBB (deceased), Lionel ROBERTS (deceased) 1934-2004, Vera RODDA Simonton ~ Email Vera, Ed RODDY (deceased) 1934-2010, Mary Cundiff, aka Arlene ROESTEL ~Email Arlene, Virginia ROGERS Polster, Jane ROLLISON Hightower ~ Email Jane, Rosalie Rowe Fredrickson

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Maria SANDMAN Clary (deceased) 1934-2008, Doug SANSOM (deceased) 1934-2010, Lynn SAPPER Needham ~ Email Lynn, Beverly SARGENT Loman, Margie SARGENT Weinmeister, Rose SCHNEIDER (MISSING), William SCHOFSTOLL (deceased) 1932-2012, Marilyn SCHULTZ Woodward ~ Email Marilyn, Skip SCOTT ~ Email Skip, Shirley SEGREST Telford ~ Email Shirley, John SEVERN (MISSING), LaReta SHAFFNER ~ Email Reta, Bill SHANE, Leonard SHOUSE (MISSING), Alberta SLABOUGH, Elsa SLACK Bryson ~ Email Elsa, Dave SMELSER (deceased), Bev SMITH Jochen (deceased) 1934-2010, David SMITH, RuthAnn SNAVELY, Ron SNOW ~ Email Ron, Richard "Dick" SNOWDEN (deceased), Donna SNYDER Courtney ~ Email Donna, NonaJean STERLING Tuttel (deceased), Nadene STEVENS Johnson, Lionel STEWART (deceased) 1935-2001, Wyvern "Lee" STONER (deceased) 1959-2015, Warren STRATTON (deceased) 1933-2012, Sharon STREGE Zinsli ~ Email Sharon, Esther STUMF Willard, Betty SUTTON Keene

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Norma TAUSCH Meyers ~ Email Norma, Dana Bruce TAYLOR (MISSING), Shirley THOMPSON Krajack ~ Email Shirley, Patricia THORNBURG Way (deceased) 1934-2007, John TRIMBLE (deceased), Carol TYNER Roberts ~ Email Carol

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U - V
Vernon E. "Van" VanDUSEN, Jr. (deceased) 1929-2017
"Van" VanDusen's 1995 Newspaper Tribute
Beth VERELLEN Rainey (honorary)(deceased) 1933-2017

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Lois WAGNER Hoag, Dee WAHL (deceased) 1934-2012, Everett WAINING, Joan WARREN Evans (deceased) 1934-2005, Kenneth WATROUS, Bob WATTS (honorary) (deceased) 1933-2014, Bill WEAVER (deceased), Joe WEBB ~ Email Joe, Lael WEBER Larrabee ~ Email Lael, Carole WEEKS Cawdrey (deceased) 1934-2006, Bob WEISS ~ Email Bob, Margaret WEST Oswalt, Caroline WESTOVER Gerneglia ~ Email Caroline, Lee WHITLEY (deceased) 1934-2012, Dick WIGHT ~ Email Dick, Robert "Bob" WILDENBORG (honorary) (deceased), Ruth WILDENBORG Brodaczynski, Richard "Dick" WILLIAMS (deceased), Donna WILLIS Nelson, Mary WINCHESTER Thomas, Marilyn WOEHLE Maxwell ~ Email Marilyn, Evaline L. WORKING Walton (deceased) 1934-2001, Dawn WRIGHT McAllister (deceased) 1934-2016,

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X - Y
James YAEHRLING (MISSING), Jack YOUNG ~ Email Jack

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William ZILAR ~ Email Bill

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