Richland Bombers
Future Class of '49
Sacawajea Grade School
Eighth Grade ~ Mrs. Bernhart

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Eighth Grade, 1944 - 1945
Picture provided by Wally Wheadon

BACK ROW: 1.JackieHowell, 2.DonHaynes, 3.HarryPeabody, 4.JoanNewell, 5.AlanRichey, 6.LymanDarling, 7.HarryFidler, 8.ThomasAcheson, 9.BetsySquires, 10.DarrellDallman.

THIRD ROW: 1.Teacher:Mrs.Bernhart, 2.GlenJohnston, 3.CliffordJudd, 4.WillisWiechel, 5.Marie_____, 6.FayJennings, 7.MaryBethSturgis, 8.VirginiaMiller, 9.KeithHoleman, 10.MerlenFreeman.

SECOND ROW {kneeling): 1.WallaceWheadon, 2.MaryCantrel, 3.BobbyLynnWilkinson, 4.DonParker, 5.NellBiard, 6.JoeVenne, 7.PatLoftus, 8.ThelmaWilliams, 9.MaryMusser.

FRONT ROW (sitting): 1.EdithRoss, 2.HoraceNicholas, 3.BillGladfeller, 4.SallyWooley.

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