Richland Bombers
Class of 1949
40 year reunion ~ 1989

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'49 in '89 ~ 40 year Reunion
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1.DeloresRaffety, 2.AlmaCarlson, 3.JeanWilliamson, 4._______, 5.JeanBadenoch, 6.PetraOdman, 7.DorisPalmer, 8.BettyLouHiser, 9.JoCawdrey('50), 10._______, 11.BarbaraBarron(50), 12.JoeRyden, 13.RoyalWest, 14.JerryNeidhold, 15.BettyBjorklund, 16.KenEly, 17.FranLennebacker, 18.BeverlyMcCleary, 19.PhilRaekes, 20.JerryDunn, 21.PatLoftus, 22.DickMcCoy('45), 23.RexDavis, 24._______, 25.NormaCulverhouse, 26.JanetHallenbeck, 27._______, 28.DickHarris, 29._______, 30._______, 31.WallyCaldwell, 32.JimDoyle, 33.RemRyals, 34._______, 35.MarionFultz, 36.RayGillette, 37.CliffJudd, 38.JoeWilson, 39.RayKing, 40.JerryVerellen.

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JeanBadenoch-5, BarbaraBarron-11, BettyBjorklund-15, WallyCaldwell-31 AlmaCarlson-2, JoCawdrey-9, NormaCulverhouse-25, RexDavis-23, JimDoyle-32 JerryDunn-20, KenEly-16, MarianFultz-35, RayGillette-36, JanetHallenbeck-26, DickHarris-28, BettyLouHiser-8, CliffJudd-37, RayKing-39, FranLennebacker-17, PatLoftus-21, BeverlyMcCleary-18, DickMcCoy-22, JerryNeidhold-14, PetraOdman-6, DorisPalmer-7, PhilRaekes-19, DeloresRaffety-1, RemRyals-33, JoeRyden-12, JerryVerellen-40, RoyalWest-13, JeanWilliamson-3, JoeWilson-38

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