Richland Bombers
Class of 1949
20 year reunion ~ 1969

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'49 in '69 ~ 20 year Reunion
Picture provided by Ray Gillette

BACK ROW (Men Standing): 1.WaltMenefee, 2.CliffordJudd, 3.MiltonThress, 4.RemRyals, 5.RoyalWest, 6.H.W.Smith, 7.RayKing, 8.ArtyHammons, 9.PhilRaekes, 10.JerryDunn, 11.JimDoyle, 12.DickMorton, 13.DickRoberts, 14.JoeWilson.

NEXT ROW (Women Standing): 1.BevKeller, 2.JoAnnHusted, 3.DeloresRafferty, 4.JeanWilliamson, 5._______, 6.ShirleyLoveberry, 7.AnnaMayWann, 8.MarjorieShegrud, 9.ThelmaWilliams.

SECOND ROW: 1.KeithHoleman, 2.SusanAnderson, 3.BettyLouHiser, 4.WilladeneJohnson, 5.JanetHallenbeck, 6.AlmaCarlson, 7.EleanorRobinson, 8.NormaLeeCulverhouse, 9.BeverlyMcCleary, 10.LucileBravard, 11.PatMonroe, 12.RexDavis.

FRONT ROW: 1.JerryJernigan, 2.JoeRyden, 3.GlennJohnson, 4.PatLoftus, 5.DonaldHaynes, 6.RayGillette, 7.JerryNeidhold, 8.DickHarris, 9.JackDavis, 10.KenWood, 11.CharlesPringle.

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