The Year 1946
~ Winston Churchill warns of an "iron curtain" falling over Soviet-dominated Eastern Europe
~ UN General Assembly meets for the first time; John D. Rockefeller donates money for a UN headquarters in New York
~ Nuremburg war crimes trial returns death sentences for 12 Nazis, including Ribbentrop and Goering; 2 life sentences; and 2 acquittals. Goering commits suicide before his scheduled execution.

~ U.S. industry idled by widespread labor strikes; federal government takes control of railroads
~ Most wartime price controls eliminated

~Atomic Energy Commission created
~ Xerographic photocopying process invented
~ U.S. Navy tests atomic bomb at Bikini in the South Pacific

~ World Series:St. Louis over Boston, 4-3
~ Joe Louis defends heavyweight title for 23rd time
~ "Assault" wins Belmont, Preakness and Kentucky Derby

~ Movies: The Best Years of Our Lives, Notorious, Great Expectations
~ Songs: Tenderly, Come Rain or Come Shine, Zip-a-dee-doo-dah
~ TV Shows: Gillette Cavalcade of Sports, Esso Newsreel (programming limited to approximately 12 hours per week on two networks)
~ Books: Hiroshima, John Hersey; Baby and Child Care, Dr. Benjamin Spock; All the King's Men, Robert Penn Warren

~ Dr. Benjamin Spock's Baby and Child Care influences millions of new and expectant parents throughout the U.S.
~ Strapless bras become popular, ushering in a trend toward bare-shouldered women's fashions
~ "Tide", the first detergent designed for automatic clothes washing machines, introduced
~ First electric clothes dryers
~ Suntan lotions, developed for troops during World War II, marketed to consumers for the first time

~ Shortest recorded boxing match ever; Couture defeats Walton in 10.5 seconds with one punch
~ Americans eat a record 714 million gallons of ice cream