About a FAKE RHS Alumni Site

A word from your REAL Bomber webmaster, Maren:

This has happened to countless Bombers so it's time to put this information on our Bomber Alumni website so everybody knows what to watch out for.

I got TWO of the first message... one sent to my earthlink email address and another sent to my cheerful address.


webmaster@alumniarchive.net wrote:
Subject: New Richland High School Alumni Archive

If you have not already done so then please take a moment to Register today for the new Alumni Archive for Richland High School!
Please click below and select the Register button to make up your login.

[BOGUS website link DELETED]

If the link above is not clickable then just copy and paste it into your browser and select Go.
Please click the link below to receive no further invitations to join.

[FAKE website link DELETED]


I responded:

I don't know where (or how) you got my email address for this, but I'm the webmaster for the REAL Richland High School Alumni website... I want you to STOP sending email to me... and to other alumni of my high school... You aren't even a grad of our high school.



webmaster@alumniarchive.net wrote:
You’re a REAL SITE WANNA BEE. If you’re a grad then you must have the REAL site? LOL, check us out soon at [BOGUS website link deleted] where we be kickin.


I responded:

Yeah... and the REAL Richland High School Alumni website is at RichlandBombers.com.
See, if you were a REAL RHS alumni, you'd know that our mascot is an A-bomb (and why).
I keep wondering WHERE you are "harvesting" all our alumni email addressees...


webmaster@alumniarchive.net wrote:
Looks like a 3rd grader put that together. When are you going to get a REAL website like ours? They ought to REALLY BOMB that thing you call an alumni site, LOL.


I didn't respond to that last comment, but wanted to let BOMBERS know what kind of a NON Bomber we're dealing with at this "new" Richland HS Alumni website...

Wanted BOMBERS to know NOT to click any link in an email that you receive from this webmaster@alumniarchive.com Bomber cheers,
-Maren Smyth ('63 & '64)

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